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The family at the party.

Family Party is the fourth episode of Season 1 and the fourth episode of Teletubbies Xtranormal.

Family Party





Magical Event

The Magic Tree

Air Date

August 4, 2012

Preceded by

Bakery Trip

Followed by

School Tour


The Teletubbies have some Tubby Toast. Then, they watch a family having fun at a party. Then Po finds a beautiful star. Finally, they watch the Magic Tree before Tubby Bye-Bye.


  • Gerhardt - Tinky-Winky
  • Carter - Dipsy
  • Felicity - Laa-Laa
  • Ruby - Po, Emily (TV Event)
  • Wendell - Narrator
  • Lisa - Voice Trumpet (Female), Cousin Julie (TV Event)
  • Jet - Uncle Alex (TV Event)
  • Halfpound - Dennis (TV Event)
  • Sarah Palin - Mommy (TV Event)
  • Tetsuo - Daddy (TV Event)
  • Oliva - Cousin Beth (TV Event)
  • Debra - Aunt Kathy (TV Event)
  • Kate - Aunt Carrie (TV Event)
  • Agnes - Aunt Jenna (TV Event)
  • Ethan - Uncle Steven (TV Event)
  • Tripp - Uncle Max (TV Event)
  • Polly - Doves (TV Event)


  • This is the first apperance of the Magic Tree.
  • Agnes, Ethan, Kate, Sarah Palin, and Tetsuo all return from the previous episodes.


Mqdefault (54)

The Teletubbies eating their Tubby Toast.

Mqdefault (55)

The Teletubbies getting ready for the TV Event.

Mqdefault (56)

Po listening to the Voice Trumpet.

Mqdefault (58)

Po listening to the Voice Trumpet.

Mqdefault (59)

Po listening to the Voice Trumpet.

Mqdefault (57)

Po and the star. (Star is off screen.)

Mqdefault (6)

The Teletubbies watching the Magic Tree.


Teletubbies Episode 4 Family Party! (Xtranormal)07:41

Teletubbies Episode 4 Family Party! (Xtranormal)

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